Window Tinting: Do Teslas Come With Tinted Windows?

Window tinting is one of the most preferred ways to boost your Tesla’s aesthetics and enhance privacy.  

Unfortunately, new Teslas do not come with tinted windows. However, this does not mean you can’t tint your windows – it is possible to customize Tesla windows according to your preferences. 

Why Teslas Don’t Have Tinted Windows

Tesla doesn’t tint the windows of its various models because different states have varying regulations regarding the level of window tinting. Instead, the automobile manufacturer has smoked rear windows on its car models.

In addition, Tesla’s main glass surfaces, such as the windshield, have a robust reflective layer that blocks the harmful sun’s rays from entering the cabin. However, if you want added luxury, an experienced installer can tint your windows, provided you do not infringe on the regulations governing tinting within your state.

Benefits of Window Tinting

As mentioned at the outset, Teslas may not have tinted windows, but these special tints have many benefits. These include:

Shield Against Harmful UV Rays

Excessive exposure to UV radiation from the sun can cause health complications, including skin cancer. 

The good news, however, is that the window tinting film can block up to 99% of the sun’s rays, shielding you from its harmful effects.

Enhance Energy Efficiency

During hot summer, temperatures inside the cabin can rise significantly, prompting the need to switch the EV’s air conditioner.

Likewise, lower interior temperatures mean little energy consumption since your car’s air conditioner does not use much energy to cool the interior.

Window tinting plays the all-important role of shielding the sun’s rays so the air conditioner does not overwork. This means the air conditioner will use little energy and preserve the battery life.

Protect Your Car’s Interior

Sunlight can discolor the dashboard and upholstery when the interior is exposed to strong rays. 

For instance, leather covers on the seats and steering wheel will lose their charm and attraction, leading to costly refurbishment.

An easy way to protect the car’s interior is by installing a special tint on the windows. You can then cruise on the brightest sunshine without worrying about internal discoloration.

Enjoy Privacy

The tinted film is not just a sun shield but also obscures the direct view of passersby in the car. 

That’s a great benefit if you are planning a long journey, as you can prevent pedestrians from glancing inside the vehicle.

Boost Your Car’s Aesthetics

Tesla stands out among other car brands thanks to its elegant design, eye-catching interior, and other contemporary additions. 

But that’s not all. You can spice up your EV’s aesthetics by adding a classic window tint to fit your tastes and preferences

Final Thoughts:

Tesla is one of the trendy automobiles, judging by its contemporary features. However, what stuns many enthusiasts is that these elegant cars do not have tinted windows.

That said, you can still customize your Tesla windows by adding tinted films. It all depends on your state’s local laws regarding car tinting.

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