Why Do Tesla Owners Tap the Charger?

For the longest time, Tesla owners have been uploading videos of them tapping their chargers on various platforms. 

Some drivers tap the taillight with the charger, while others tap the charger itself as it charges. Depending on who you ask, you will get laughingly absurd or somewhat captivating reasons. 

So, if you are new to Tesla cars, you may be wondering if it is necessary to tap the charger before plugging it in. You may also want to know whether there are any downsides. 

Keep reading to find out. 

Reasons Why Tesla Owners Tap Their Chargers

1. To Open the Charging Port

Tesla charging ports have spring mechanisms and a bunch of sensors that force them to open when tapped. 

However, for you to open your port by tapping, the vehicle’s doors must be opened. The tapping is also not necessary in most cases as you can easily open the port using other options. 

Below are better, safer, and more convenient ways to open your Tesla charging port:

  • Tap the lightning icon on the car’s touchscreen and select open charge port on the subsequent screen
  • Using a voice command
  • Via the Tesla App
  • Press and hold the open trunk button on the key fob
  • Bring the charger near the car and press the button above the word Tesla

2. Aligning Static Electrons

Some people believe that tapping the charger makes electrons flow seamlessly into the car.

This is obviously not the case since the amount of charge flowing into your car is fully dependent on the charger’s power rating. No amount of tapping the charger will hasten the charging time.

3. Personal Ritual

Some drivers tap their chargers or taillights as a ritual, especially when it is their last charge before a trip. 

They believe that, just like tapping a good luck charm, tapping the charger will bring them good luck on their trips. 

4. Social Media Fad

Many Tesla content creators tap their charging ports or taillights with chargers in their videos. They give all sorts of reasons for this, and some try to look “cool” while doing it.

Naturally, anyone who follows social media trends will be tempted to try tapping their charger on the taillight after watching a few videos. 

Ultimately, most people grow out of the habit after some time, so don’t despair if someone you know is always doing it.

Is it Bad to Tap Your Tesla Charger?

Although pointless, tapping your charger is mostly harmless. However, there’s a slight risk of damage to your taillight if you happen to tap it too hard and too often.

Remember, charger pins are made from tough materials whilst the taillights are comparatively brittle. 

With the charging port being part of the rear lights, it is almost a given that you’ll tap the lights with the pin.

Take Away

As mentioned above, there are other, better ways of opening the charging port besides tapping it.

Moreover, if your charger is not working as it should, or the charging port has issues, you are better off requesting assistance. 

Just get in the Tesla app and lodge a service request, and you will get a technician sent to you.

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