Tesla Camp Mode: Ultimate Guide

If you’ve ever been on a road trip driving through national parks or dirt roads and had to sleep on the road, you probably know how uncomfortable it can be to camp in your car. Depending on the season, sleeping in a vehicle can be a horrendous experience. You may have to contend with hot weather or cold conditions, making your camping trip one to forget if you don’t carry the appropriate clothes and accessories.

Tesla Camp Mode

In most cases, sleeping on the rear seats is the only option if you don’t have an air mattress. You also risk losing your connection if your car’s battery power is insufficient to charge your electronics and mobile devices.

Even though the latest cars in the electric vehicle market have air conditioning and cabin heating, maintaining the ideal cabin temperature can be difficult. Fortunately, this is not the case with a Tesla.

Tesla is an electric vehicle with a difference. This 21st-century EV has super-impressive climate control features that let you comfortably sleep in your EV without worrying about extreme weather conditions. You only need to enable Tesla Camp Mode to turn your vehicle into a comfortable cabin.

This comprehensive guide explains everything about Tesla’s camp mode and how to turn it on or off.

What Exactly is Tesla’s Camp Mode

Camp Mode is a climate control feature in Tesla that allows you to maintain a comfortable temperature in your car while camping. It activates cabin overheat protection, ensuring the vehicle’s interior does not get too hot in residual heat when parked in the sun.

That’s not all. Camp Mode lets you control and retain cabin lighting and airflow for optimal performance. It converts your car into a comfy and breathable cabin so you can sleep overnight, even in bad weather.

With Camp Mode on, the voltage outlet and USB ports remain powered, letting you use and charge your electronics and mobile devices. Since the vehicle touchscreen is on, you can play music or stream videos via Tesla’s Premium Connectivity for a relaxing and fulfilling camping experience.

How Does Camp Mode Work?

Camp Mode is a convenient feature from Tesla Motors available in Tesla electric vehicles. It maintains optimum temperature and airflow throughout your cabin space, including the rear cabin. It also powers the amp outlet and USB ports to help keep your devices charged. This innovative feature draws power from your car’s battery pack to perform all these functions.

Turning Camp Mode on

For Camp Mode to work, your car must be in park mode and have a 20% battery percentage. You cannot activate Camp Mode while driving. While in Camp Mode, the Sentry Mode and your vehicle’s security alarm and auto-locking systems will go off since they cannot work simultaneously. You must manually lock your car by touching the lock button on the touchscreen.

Where is Camp Mode on my Tesla?

Camp Mode is available on Tesla Model Y, Model 3, and the redesigned Model X and Model S. 

If, for some reason, your EV does not have this feature, you must update your vehicle’s software via the Tesla app. Camp Mode came as a holiday update in the summer of 2022.

You can find Camp Mode on your Tesla’s Climate Control settings. Tap the temperature icon at the bottom of the control panel to access Climate Controls. Next, look for the Keep Climate On, Dog, or Camp buttons to find the Camp Mode option.

How to Turn Camp Mode On?

To turn Camp Mode on your Tesla, simply:  

  1. Put your car into park mode
  2. Check the battery charge status and ensure it is at least 20%
  3. Tap the temperature icon to access the Climate menu
  4. Tap on Camp Mode on the left side of the touchscreen to turn it on
  5. If necessary, tap the fan icon to adjust the airflow to your preferred settings

You can also enable the Camp Mode feature via the Tesla mobile app. You only need to go to the Climate screen on the app and swipe the gray bar up to activate Camp Mode and adjust climate settings.

Note: Enabling Camp Mode will disable your car’s Safety and Security features since they cannot work simultaneously.

Turning Camp Mode Off

Turning Camp Mode off is just as easy as activating it. Tap the temperature icon on the vehicle’s touchscreen and select a different climate mode. You can also disable Camp Mode by shifting your Tesla out of park mode.

Note: Camp Mode will automatically go off if the charge level drops below 20%. You’ll receive notification alerts on your phone before it turns off.

Are There Times You Cannot Use Camp Mode

While Camp Mode is a helpful feature, sometimes you cannot use it in your Tesla. You cannot use Camp Mode if the battery percentage is below 20%. Besides, your car must be in park mode before you can activate this climate control function.

Camp Mode can make the air conditioning compressor produce a loud sound while cooling the interior and the battery in extreme heat. If the compressor is too noisy to your liking, you can disable Camp Mode or reduce the fan speed by tapping the fan icon on the climate control screen.

How Much Battery Does Camp Mode Consume?

Leaving Camp Mode on for extended periods can impact your vehicle’s battery life. After all, Camp Mode draws power from your car’s battery pack. Its battery consumption is about 10% in an eight-hour period.

Camp mode battery per hour usage varies depending on the weather. It can get high in extreme temperatures, particularly in colder weather, since it has to work harder to maintain the cabin temperature. It can consume up to 15% of your car’s battery in 8 hours.

If you are worried about your car’s battery percentage, you can drive for a while and let the vehicle’s heat pump take over the cabin heating functions. Regenerative braking can help charge the battery, allowing you to return to your camping setup when the car has some charge.

Is Tesla’s Camp Mode Useful?

Camping in a regular gasoline vehicle is not the best experience, particularly in cold conditions. You must leave the internal combustion engine on for prolonged periods to achieve your preferred temperature.

Leaving the car’s engine running for extended periods is impractical, if not dangerous. ICE vehicles often emit toxic fumes that can cause health problems when inhaled. Sometimes, you may have to open the doors, windows, and glass roof to improve air flow in hot weather conditions. However, leaving the panoramic glass roof or sunshade open is a security risk.

Telsa is the perfect vehicle for camping as it addresses this issue via the Camp Mode feature. You can adjust climate settings by accessing the climate menu on your EV’s touchscreen. The best part is that Camp Mode, Dog Mode, and Climate Keeper are available to all Tesla Models via an over-the-air software update. You can update your Tesla app to add this feature so that you can set your climate control preference seamlessly.


A Tesla is more than just an ordinary electric vehicle. This state-of-the-art EV has several convenient features designed to make your camping trips as comfortable as possible. By putting your Tesla into Camp Mode, you can convert your vehicle into a cozy cabin. This climate control feature maintains the cabin temperature, lighting, and airflow while allowing you to power devices and stream media in the comfort of your car. Follow this detailed guide to get the best out of your Tesla’s Camp Mode feature.

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