3 Tips How To Stay Positive About Climate Change-Video

This article is written by Ben Brown.

I feel like we’re all in need of a bit of positivity with everything going on at the moment, so I hope this blog will bring some positivity into your lives.

I wanted to share with you the best 3 Tips How to Stay Positive About Climate Change currently looming in the background. These are the strategies I’m currently using to keep myself upbeat.

How To Stay Positive About Climate Change

Stay Positive

1. Know That Some Actions Already Took Place

The first point is I want to reassure you that things are being done about our climate.
In 2019 I traveled around the world in order to find solutions to climate change, but I have never discussed why I ever started this journey.

A few years back I was hit hard by the reality of climate change, and it really stopped me in my tracks. I had thoughts running through my head such as ‘Would it be morally wrong of me to bring up children in a world where they might have to wear a gas mask to go outdoors or constantly have to worry about extreme weather events destroying their home.

This moment occurred right before I had to select which university course I would be taking. Now I’ve always had a love for architecture, ever since I was a small child playing with Lego buildings, but I was worried that this career path wasn’t going to allow me to make a big enough impact on climate change.

So I did my research and found how buildings can actually be designed to be carbon negative, which means they can actually be part of the climate crisis solution. Therefore I went to study architecture at university.

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6 months of studying went by and the reality of climate change hit me hard again. I realized that I’m going to be in architecture school for another seven years, then I’ve got to work my way up in the professional architecture world before I can actually start designing buildings.

Therefore I got thinking about what could I do right now to make a difference. At this time I was looking at some of the sustainable architecture projects people was doing in Singapore and a light bulb went off in my head. What if I go and visit these places! I could film what I see and spread a positive message to people who are like me and want to see that things are being done to save our planet.

So I bought a camera, booked my flights and off I went. (I offset the carbon footprint of these flights with the platform Offset Earth).

Now, while I can’t show you everything I’ve seen traveling in this blog, please see my YouTube video.

But in this blog, I wanted to highlight the main things that helped me to Stay Positive About Climate Change.

Actions taken to reduce climate change:

  • This year there will be billions of trees being replanted by organizations such as WWF.
  • There have been rapid advancements in clean energy technology, which are becoming so efficient that there’s no reason to use fossil fuels since it would be more expensive to use.
  • Our diets are changing worldwide for the sake of our planet. Veganism has grown rapidly. In the last few years, there’s been a 600% increase in vegans in the US.
  • There has been a great increase in sustainable architecture being built across the world which makes me very happy.
  • More people than ever are using their voices to speak up about the issue. Protests are working and Greta Thunberg is leading this revolution!
  • Finally, the Coronavirus is becoming an environmental wake-up to our governments that our planet can recover if we make changes. Granted the type of changes we need to make for our environment cannot be the same as the current changes we are having to make for the virus. However, this period has proved that when we do work collectively to resolve something we can have a positive effect on our environment.

Feel Good About Doing Your Bit

Do Your Bit

My second tip on How to Stay Positive About Climate Change, is to be positive is a very short one, but I want you to be happy knowing that you’re doing your bit for the planet. 

I know it makes me feel better psychologically when I’m eating a vegan diet and using my bike as my main form of transport.

Know That Positivity Keeps You On The Right Track

Finally, as it is the right thing to do. We must change this mindset of it being a crisis to seeing it as a challenge that we have to overcome. We shouldn’t live in fear of having to give things up. Living a sustainable life can actually make our lives so much better, as we will be able to relax knowing that our planet isn’t in danger!

Stay positive, keep on smiling and I hope to see you again in the future!

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