3 Simple Ways to Open a Tesla Glove Box

So you recently bought a brand-new Tesla. Congratulations!

As you brace for your first ride, you realize the Tesla glove box doesn’t have a handle like in other car models. How will you access the vital items you kept inside?

Opening a Tesla glove box can seem like a puzzle, but it is pretty easy if you know how it works. Read on to learn the different ways you can open a Tesla glove box.

Tesla Car glove box

How to Open a Tesla Glove Box

As you may already know, Tesla cars are available in different models, including models 3, X, Y, and S. As such, the procedure for opening the glove box may vary across different vehicles.

The latest Tesla EVs have an automatic locking system that uses an electric motor. This means you can’t open the glove box by merely pulling the handle.

Below are the three common ways to open a Tesla glove box.

Voice Command Prompt

Voice Command Prompt  - Tesla

The easiest way to open a glove box is by using the built-in voice command.

First, you must activate the voice command prompt by pressing the control button on the right of the steering column.

Once the voice prompt is active, say ‘open glove box,’ and a pop-up message will appear on the screen showing the box is open.

If you previously set a security pin for the glove box, the command prompt will automatically display an entry screen to input your pin. The glove box will open once you enter your pin on the touch screen.

Touch Screen Option

Touch Screen Option - Tesla Car

Using the touchscreen display, you can unlock the Tesla glove box within seconds. Simply click the car icon on your dashboard.

From the controls menu, click another icon that resembles a glove box. Your Tesla glove box will fly open instantly.

Manual Opening

Manual Opening - Tesla

The Tesla glove box may sometimes fail to open despite trying the above methods. If this is the case, try the manual method.

Begin by opening the passenger side door and then remove the side panel on the passenger side dashboard. Use an Allen key, a screwdriver, or a wrench to release the glove box latch.

Final Thoughts:

Tesla moved away from the conventional, outdated handles that formed part of the glove box in its earlier models.

The latest Tesla brands have an ultra-modern box that can be opened through voice commands, touch, or even manually.  

Try either of the above options and see what works best for you.

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