Miele Speed Oven Vs Microwave

Miele is a household name when it comes to high-end, luxury appliances and commercial equipment. 

Two of its most popular products include the Miele speed oven and the Miele microwave oven.

Admittedly, choosing between the two can be overwhelming for any homeowner since both units come with intelligent features.

Fortunately, we are here to help. In this post, we highlight the key differences between the two products so you can make an informed choice.

1. Style, Design, and Quality

Both the Miele speed ovens and Miele microwave ovens are stylish and boast state-of-the-art designs. 

The Miele speed oven is a full-fledged oven and a microwave, giving users a mix of both worlds. On the other hand, the Miele microwave oven is a traditional microwave oven albeit with top features.

All Miele speed ovens are built-in, while Miele microwave ovens give you the option to choose between freestanding and built-in units.

Verdict: The Miele speed oven wins hands down since it combines the features of a traditional oven and a microwave

2. Functionality and Features

A product’s functionality is the measure of whether it works as expected.

Both the Miele speed oven and the Miele microwave oven are highly-functional and work to perfection. You can use them to roast, bake, grill, and heat various meals without any issues.

The Miele speed oven has more and better intelligent features than the Miele microwave oven. The speed oven comes with dozens of automatic programs and combi modes.

Verdict: The Miele speed oven and the Miele microwave oven are both highly functional but the speed oven has more innovative features

3. Cooking Performance

No other oven beats the cooking performance of the Miele speed oven. This unique oven requires little to no preheat time, allowing you to roast, grill, bake, and heat your favorite meals seamlessly.

It combines the features of a traditional oven with that of a microwave for efficient cooking.

If you didn’t know, most microwaves do not offer the best cooking performance. They are primarily intended for heating and reheating food rather than cooking from scratch. Although they can still cook, your meals might turn out soggy or ice-cold in the middle.

Verdict: The Miele speed oven has a better cooking performance than the Miele microwave oven

4. Eco-Friendliness


As the world shifts towards green energy, more consumers are now buying products from companies that show concern about our ecosystem

Miele is one of the biggest advocates of environmental conservation. The company has several eco-friendly policies that act as guidelines for its manufacturing processes.

With this in mind, you should expect both the Miele speed oven and Miele microwave oven to be eco-friendly products.

Verdict: This contest is a tie since nearly all Miele products are eco-friendly

5. Energy-Efficiency

With the cost of electricity rising every day, it is only logical to equip your kitchen with energy-efficient products. This act will go a long way to cut your utility bills significantly.


All Miele ovens, including their speed oven and microwave, correspond to the energy-efficiency class A+. 

An A+ rating means both ovens consume the least amount of energy possible without compromising their functionality and efficiency.

Verdict: Both the Miele speed oven and the Miele microwave oven are energy-efficient units

6. Price

The Miele speed oven is more expensive than the Miele microwave.

That’s mainly because the speed oven is a two-in-one appliance that combines the features of a traditional oven with that of a microwave. Conversely, the Miele microwave oven works like any other convectional oven, making it less expensive.

Verdict: If you are searching for a budget option, consider the Miele microwave oven. If you are looking for value for money, the Miele speed oven is an ideal option.


Is Miele speed oven the same as a microwave?

The Miele speed oven is both a fully-fledged traditional oven and a microwave. It combines the features of both units for an exceptional cooking performance. 

You can use it as a traditional oven to grill, bake, roast, and heat your meals, or as a standalone microwave to heat or cook your favorite delicacies.

What Is speed cooking on a microwave?

Speed cooking on a microwave is the process of cooking foods faster using the convection method. 

You need a convection microwave oven to cook faster since traditional microwaves do not support this feature. Convection cooking distributes heat evenly, thereby eliminating cold spots in your meals.

What does a Miele speed oven do?

The Miele speed oven offers the benefits of a traditional oven and a microwave for faster and better cooking experiences. It’s called a speed oven because it cooks quickly with little to no preheat time.

What is the difference between a speed oven and a convection microwave?

Speed ovens and convection microwaves both use the convection method to cook and heat meals. The only difference is that speed ovens are faster and more reliable than microwaves.

How do you cook in a speed oven?

Speed ovens come equipped with dozens of automatic programs and combi modes for exceptional cooking experiences.

Cooking in a speed oven does not require any culinary skills. You only need to place your meals in the food tray and use any of the automatic programs to start the cooking process.

Is Miele speed oven worth it?

Although a bit pricey, the Miele speed oven is worth every dime. The oven comes equipped with dozens of features for a splendid cooking experience. Besides, it is durable and reliable, giving you good value for money.

Is Miele microwave oven worth it?

The Miele microwave is worth your penny if you are looking for a budget-friendly oven. It comes with multiple intelligent features for an enhanced cooking experience.

Final Verdict

If you are shopping for an all-round oven that allows you to cook quickly without compromising on the quality, texture, and taste of your meals, consider the Miele Speed Oven. 

Although a bit pricey, this unique oven comes with all the features of a traditional oven and modern microwave, giving you good value for your money. 

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