Do You Need Tesla Rim Protectors?

Tesla Rim Protectors

Alloy wheels are some of the classic additions to the latest Tesla models. They are lightweight, corrosion resistant, and improve the vehicle’s mobility.

However, most wheels are usually large, subjecting the rims to possible damage. For instance, when you drive your Tesla along a paved road, you may hit the pavement, leading to scratches that spoil the wheel’s appearance.

Tesla rim protectors are what you need to protect your wheels. Read on to discover the benefits of rim protectors and what type to buy for your Tesla.

Benefits of Tesla Rim Protectors

Tesla rim protectors can improve the appearance of your wheels, thanks to their charming designs. You can also match the rim color with the Tesla exterior color to boost its aesthetic appeal .

Moreover, since they are made of tough materials, they can protect the edges of the rims and save you repair costs if you accidentally hit the pavement.

The best part is that the rim protectors can shield you and others from metal hazards. Without the rim guards, scratches on the wheels can result in sharp metallic edges, which could injure others who pass near your Tesla when parked.

Which Tesla Rim Protectors Should You Buy?

Tesla wheel protectors come in three different sizes. You can choose the 18-inch, 19-inch, or 20-inch protector, depending on the size of your wheels.

Likewise, rim protectors are of two types: Alloygator and self-adhesive protectors.

●     Alloygator Rim Protector

If you want a long-lasting option, then you are better off with the Alloygator protector. It is designed to withstand the impact of driving over potholes and scratching on pavements.

Moreover, it is made of super-hardened nylon and shaped to fit perfectly between the alloy and the tire. This makes them relatively expensive.

●     Self-adhesive Rim Protector

The self-adhesive protectors are typically made of rubber. As such, they offer a slightly lower protection level than the Alloygator protector.

Nevertheless, they have quality adhesives for a firm grip over the wheels. They are also cheap, which makes them the best choice if you are on a budget.

Are Tesla Rim Protectors Hard to Install?

Installing a Tesla rim protector depends on the type of protector you have. You will likely need a professional fitter if you have the Alloygator type that slots between the tire and the wheel.

The process is a bit complicated since you must deflate the tire before installing it.

However, if you are lucky to buy a self-adhesive protector, you can install it without sweat. Simply clean the wheel, apply a primer, peel off the backing tape, and fix the protector over the wheel.

Final Thoughts:

Tesla wheel protectors are the best safeguard against damage to delicate wheels. In addition, they improve your Tesla’s aesthetic appeal and offer protection against metal hazards.

That aside, if you are looking for a suitable wheel protector, ensure it matches the size of the wheel. Regarding the types of protectors, an Alloygator type will give you a valuable return for money since it is sturdy and durable.

On the other hand, the self-adhesive type is cost-effective and does not require a professional to install it.

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