Do Teslas Have Spare Tires?

Tesla Spare Tires

It’s no secret that spare tires are some of the essential accessories that come with most cars. However, if you own a Tesla or are planning to buy one, you’ll quickly realize that spare tires are conspicuously missing from these cars. 

While this might seem strange at first, the absence of spare tires in Tesla cars is not actually a glitch. Rather, it’s a well-informed decision by the manufacturer that’s backed by a number of important considerations. 

Read on to find out why Teslas don’t have spare tires and some of the options available to you in case you experience tire issues such as flats and blowouts. 

Why Don’t Teslas Have Spare Tires?

They are rarely used 

Tesla Spare Tire, they are rarely used 

Until recently, spare tires were considered a necessary accessory for vehicles since most tires available in the market were susceptible to going flat or blowing more easily. 

However, with better production techniques and advancements in tire-making technology, most tires produced for Tesla EVs are of premium quality and capable of withstanding significant pressure with no issues. In fact, you can use your tires for years without ever needing a tire replacement. 

Practicality and space considerations

Practicality and space consideration - Tesla

Tesla is a brand that prides itself on delivering high-performance and practical luxury vehicles. And this ethos definitely influences the manufacturer’s decision not to include spare tires in their vehicles. 

The truth is, Tesla cars, like most electric vehicles, are significantly heavier compared to gas-powered vehicles. Much of the curb weight of a Tesla is attributed to the large batteries that are required to power these cars as well as the numerous technological features that come with the overall design. 

Including a spare tire in a Tesla would inevitably add more pounds to the vehicle’s curb weight and potentially compromise the range of the vehicle. Consequently, the absence of spare tires on Teslas allows them to deliver the great range and performance that these cars are known for. 

It’s also worth noting that spare tires take up a considerable amount of luggage space. As such, the lack of spare tires allows for better utilization of space. The space that could otherwise be used for tire storage can instead be used for luggage. 

It is more economical

Tesla spare Tires are more economical

Unlike the regular tires used on gas-powered vehicles, Tesla tires have a better grip, sound-dampening capabilities (to reduce cavity resonance), and pressure retention qualities. 

Unfortunately, producing these tires requires special technology and materials which are quite costly and invariably drive up the cost of the tires. This means providing a spare tire would inevitably increase the overall cost of production for Tesla. 

What Options Are There For Tesla Tire-Related Issues?

Now that you understand why Tesla cars don’t come with spare tires, you’re probably wondering what to do in the event of a tire emergency. 

Well, the good news is that there are several options available to you if you experience a blowout or other tire-related emergencies. These include:

Roadside Assistance Kit

Roadside Assistance Kit

All Teslas come with a “Roadside Assistance Kit” which you can use to troubleshoot and fix minor tire-related issues while on the road. 

The kit, located in the trunk of the car, contains a jack, lug wrench, and an inflation kit which you can use to temporarily get your tires up and running. This eliminates the need for carrying a spare tire

Tesla Roadside Assistance Services

Tesla Roadside Assistance Services

As a Tesla owner, you are eligible for free roadside assistance services any time you need them, provided your Tesla’s warranty is still valid. 

So, if you experience a tire emergency, you simply need to call the number provided and a Tesla technician will come to your aid no matter where you are in the country. 

Once they arrive, the technician will repair any tire problems you are experiencing at no cost. And in cases where the tire is too damaged to be fixed by the roadside, the roadside assistance service will tow your car to the closest Tesla-approved service center for comprehensive repair.

A Final Word

For the longest time, tires have been a staple of vehicle production, which is why it might seem a bit odd for Tesla vehicles to not have them. But as you’ve seen from this article, Tesla’s decision to not include tires in its cars is actually well thought-out. 

The absence of spare tires not only makes Tesla EVs more practical and optimizes their performance, but it also allows the company to significantly cut down on costs. 

Even so, the fact that Tesla chooses not to provide spare tires with their offerings doesn’t mean the company is oblivious to potential tire issues. Tesla goes to great lengths to ensure its vehicles are equipped with durable and puncture-resistant tires which are less susceptible to damage. 

And in case of an emergency, you have a roadside assistance kit to navigate any minor issues and 24/7 roadside assistance support for any tire issues, completely free of charge. 

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