Are Teslas Good for Road Trips?

Are Teslas Good for Road Trips?

When planning for a road trip, you want a car that will get you to your destination and back. No breakdowns, no flat tires, and no gas shortages. Just a smooth ride.

Of all the different cars that are touted as good for long trips, Teslas come first in many people’s lists. 

Indeed, the company is known for manufacturing tough, innovative, and powerful cars in the EV industry.

In this post, you will learn more about these and other features that make Teslas ideal for a road trip. 

Why are Teslas Good for Road Trips?

Convenience Features

Why Teslas Good for Road Trips?

The hardest thing about road-tripping with EVs is the constant worrying about route optimization and the availability of charging spots. With Teslas, planning for a trip is incredibly easy. 

For one, you can use the app to get real-time updates about your estimated range. And when charging, the app will tell you how well the car is charging, and how many miles have been added.

Tesla models also have all supercharger locations defined in their onboard navigation systems. You can access the locations by pressing the lightning bolt icon on the bottom left corner of the screen. 

Thereafter, the system will show you a list of all nearby chargers, their charging speeds, and your distance from them. 

They are Super Quiet

Super Quiet

Tesla tires are fitted with foams that have the ability to cancel noise. 

On a long trip, a low noise level makes it easier for you to concentrate on the road. It also allows you to have better conversations with your trip buddies, or listen to your favorite podcasts or music. 

Plenty of Charging Spots

Charging Spots

There are so many charging spots designed for Teslas within the US. In fact, you can’t go more than 300 miles without spotting a charging station. 

The best part is that supercharging stations make the process of recharging your Tesla simple and fast. You can recharge your Tesla to a range of up to 200 miles within 15 minutes. 

They’re Much Cheaper

Low cost

With gas prices rising every other day, Tesla vehicles offer you more stable running prices. No matter the location, it is much cheaper to charge a Tesla compared to filling up an ICE vehicle with gas. 

Of course, charging at a supercharger is more expensive than using ordinary chargers but the costs are completely avoidable. If you have some extra hours to spare, you can use public charging spots that offer lower rates. 

What’s more, Teslas have very few moving parts and are less likely to develop mechanical problems on the road. Their foam-filled tires are unlikely to go flat, and neither do they need oil changes or gasket replacements. 

Great Towing Capacity

Great Towing Capacity

Thinking of hauling some heavy luggage like a camper or small boat on your road trips? Worry not. Teslas have an excellent towing capacity ranging between 2,000- 14000 pounds depending on the model. 

They can deliver peak torque as soon as you hit the gas pedal, making them better haulers compared to most diesel and gasoline-powered cars. You don’t have to wait for the torque to slowly build up like you would with regular cars. 

Excellent Range 

Excellent Range

Teslas are powered by superior batteries that deliver excellent range, making them ideal for long road trips. 

The entry-level Model 3, for instance, offers a peak range of up to 358 miles on a single charge, whereas the more luxurious Model S can travel up to 405 miles when fully charged. 

The larger models Y and X have peak ranges of 330 and 333 miles respectively, which although slightly lower compared to the aforementioned ones, still outshine other EVs on the market. 

Can Navigate Tough Terrains

Can Navigate Tough Terrains

All Tesla vehicles are designed for all-terrain driving. Even models 3 and Y, which aren’t dedicated off-roaders still come with all-wheel-drive systems which digitally control torque to the front and rear wheels. 

This provides better traction and facilitates better handling on rough terrains. 

Decent Cargo Space

Decent Cargo Space

 If you are planning a road trip, chances are you need to carry some bags and other supplies with you. 

The good news is, Teslas offer a good amount of space to fit everything you might need for your adventure.

In addition to the standard back trunk that most cars have, Teslas also have a front trunk space with a capacity of between 3.1 to 6.5 cubic feet depending on the model. You can also increase the cargo space by folding the rear seats. 

Take Away

By touring the country with your Tesla, you will not only enrich your experience but also save the environment by reducing emissions. 

That said if you are going to, or through rural areas, expect hours-long layovers for charging. Although the Tesla Supercharger network is huge, it doesn’t cover all rural towns. 

Even when it does, some rural locations close a bit early due to low traffic. To escape this problem, make sure you add some mileage every chance you get.

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